Watch Jokes o’ the Week

We end every episode of Written by Kids with the joke of the week. We have so much fun with them in audio, we decided to share them in video!

No skin in the game.


Reign it in.

Plenty of fish in the sneeze

Not even a pun in the title. It’s just bad. It’s a bad joke.

Where do the days go?

The most surprising answer to anything you’ve ever heard!

Couldn’t handle it.

Put this joke in the blue bin.

Joke doesn’t suck!

Orion’s gonna need some space.

Does not feel like a weight has been lifted.

Wow, poor Pete, stuck in a dad-joke time loop.

Udderly ridiculous

Paws it for a sec.

Wooden shoe like to know?


Woof. That’s a ruff one.

Heavy, dude.

Ball or shoe?

Well, well, well…

This joke is a little rocky.

Vegetable jokes have taken root.

Lol that little pause after the joke!

Our second video joke o’ the week is elementary.

This is our first video Joke o’ the Week! Don’t mind our messy houses – we’re just trying our best over here.