My child is not neuro-typical; can you work with them?

Yes. We would love to work with them.

My child is physically disabled; can you work with them?

Yes. We would love to work with them.

How do I get a story produced?

1 – The workshop. Kids (6-11) work together to create an original story, and MoonHouse produces it as a short film. We work with groups of children in schools, organizations, and families’ homes.

2 – When we can, we like to make films free of charge. We would work with you to crowd fund, and are always accepting online submissions. To submit a story, click here!

How much do you charge for your workshop?

We estimate $200 per child. It varies depending on a few things, including how many children, age range, and location. Inquire about a workshop here.

How much would it cost if I want to skip everything else, and have my child’s story turned into a film right away?

We estimate $2,000.

Do you come to us, or do we come to you?

For the workshop, we come to you. For filming, you are invited onto set.

Are the kids involved in the filming?

If they would like, yes. All families are invited onto set to help, give us artistic notes and ideas, and learn about film technology. It is also possible for the writers to act in their film.

Where can I donate?

You can make a tax-deductible donation right here!

Other questions?

Email Production@MoonHouse.org

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