My child is not neuro-typical; can you work with them?

Yes we can, and we would love to.

My child is physically disabled; can you work with them?

Yes, we can, and we would love to.

How do I get a story produced?

Submit a Story!

How do you pay for this?

We are funded by donations. We will crowd fund your film.

How much would it cost if I want to skip crowdfunding and just make my child’s film?

We estimate $4,000.

Do you come to us, or do we come to you?

We come to you for our initial meetings, and to shoot our fundraising video.

You are invited to view auditions, onto set, and to editing sessions.

Are the kids involved in the filming?

If they would like, yes. All writers’ families are invited onto set to help out, meet the actors, give us artistic notes and ideas, and learn about film technology. It is also possible for the writers to act in their own film.

How long does it take, from start to finish?

Crowdfunding: 2-3 months. Making the film: 1-2 months. Premier party: 1 month after the film is complete.

Other questions?

Email Production@MoonHouse.org

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