How do I submit?

Email production@moonhouse.org with the subject, “Submission.”

What does it cost?

It costs you nothing! We’re funded by generous donations from people like you. Please donate here.

How long should the submission be?

Please click the “Submit to Pocast” button above for details.

What age range is able to submit?

5 years to 13 years old.

When is it coming out?

This winter. The exact date is not set.


My child is not neuro-typical; can you work with them?

Yes we can, and we would love to.

My child is physically disabled; can you work with them?

Yes, we can, and we would love to.

How do I get a story produced?

Submit a Story!

How much would it cost?




$350 – Initial fee to cover the crowdfunding video.

$3,000 – a pledged matching donation for the crowdfunding campaign, to cover production costs, and to pay actors.

What if I want to skip crowdfunding; then what does it cost?


Do you come to us, or do we come to you?

We come to you for our initial meetings, and to shoot our fundraising video.

You are invited to view auditions, onto set, and to editing sessions.

Are the kids involved in the filming?

If they would like, yes. All writers’ families are invited onto set to help out, meet the actors, give us artistic ideas, and learn about film technology.

Can the kids act in the film they write?

It is possible. We discuss it on a case by case basis because it triples or quadruples the amount of time and effort your family would put into the film. And we know a family with children has a hectic schedule.

How long does it take, from start to finish?

Writing and crowdfunding: Up to 3 months. Making the film: Up to 2 months. Premier party: 1 month after the film is complete.

Where is the premier party?

At Open Space Arts, our partner and non-profit community theatre in Reisterstown, MD. They’ve got a huge backyard, with space to play lawn games!

Other questions?

Email Production@MoonHouse.org

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