10/31/21 – Rats, Castles, and Songs

This week we published The Three Rat Lords, by 13 year old Izzy, a eulogy for three very special rats from Texas.

And a short scary story called A Scary Castle by 8 year old Riya.

AND an episode full of music! Singer/songwriter Michael Perrie Jr made songs out of our young authors’ stories!

10/2/21- The Beach Trip, by LuLu, 12

This romance drama has everything: a love triangle, danger, the beach, and a life lesson. Plus, the author did an amazing interview with us!

9/25/21 – Koji Minami/Koji the Illustrator joins us for trivia and listener questions!

Koji the Illustrator, from the Kids Describe series, joins us to answer listener questions about himself and illustration, and to play trivia games all about the beach!

7/31/21 – Improv songs with Michael Perrie Jr!

Michael Perrie Jr, one of the stars of Million Dollar Quartet, at Mill Mountain Theatre, joins us to sing improv songs, and play trivia all about the zoo!

7/24/21 – Nature

Nature, by 12 year old Shashwat, beautifully describes mother earth, and inspires listeners to protect her.

7/17/21 – Rise of the Ninja!

By Tully, 6. A boy transforms himself in order to fight a bad guy in the most unlikely of places. His parents have so many questions.

7/10/21 How They Got Cat out of the Forest

The forest animals were right to have been wary of Cat, and his cat-like ways! A good thing they’re friends – friendship saves all the animals of the forest in this short story by 8 year old Arnav.

7/3/21 A True Friend Loves You for You

Written by 10 year old Vivianne, this dramatic short story is a lesson in what friendship really means. You gotta be you!

We’re up for an award!

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6/5/21 – Lost with the Cicadas!

Two superheroes find out what it’s like to be cicadas. And guess what – they’re harmless! 6-year-old Tully wrote this story to help people be less afraid of cicadas =)

5/24/21 – Two new episodes!

Mini-bonus with young author Riya and her mom Meenakshi! All about hiking and nature.

PLUS Hat Trick for our new listeners, where we share three amazing short stories from last year!


It’s the zombie apocalypse and a young boy must come out of a long retirement to save his family one last time. By 8 year old Yudi.

We play a game – who do you take for your survival team? You need muscle, brains, and bravery, but you can’t always get what you want.

5/8/21 – Robin Yardi is here!

Published (grown-up) author Robin Yardi joins us to answer listener questions about writing, research, and chickens – then plays trivia with us! To help us interview Robin, we were also joined by young author Neil and his mom, Shesh!

5/1/21 – What I Look Forward to Most in 2021, by Neil, 6!

An optimistic, make-you-smile monologue about coming out of this pandemic to have a joyful 2021. Performed by William Dalrymple.

4/17/21 – Sunflower Poem, A True Friendship, by Izzy, 12!

Two new beautiful pomes out today, by Izzy, 12 years old from Texas. Both poems are on the simple pleasures of nature and companionship. Performed by actor, director, and baker, Claire Ganem.

3/20/21 – The Best Worst Day of my Life, by Grayson, 13!

Our newest short story, out today! When something’s not right in the neighborhood, two boys sneak out into the stormy night to solve the mystery. Performed by Brooklyn-based actor/singer/songwriter John Noble Barrack, who also wrote our theme music! Listen here.

2/20/2021 – Alarming Adventure, by Jacob, 12!

In this poem, a man on the run finally faces his fears head on. And the author, Jacob, speaks to us about how he came up with the idea.

Performed by regional Emmy winner Darien Battle.

Listen here! You don’t want to miss it!

2/6/2021 – Bonus episode all about Gorillas!

In two weeks you’ll hear a story called Alarming Adventure, by Jacob, 12 years old. In it, a man is on the run for his life from some kind of gorilla-like creature! So THIS week, we played gorilla trivia with returning champion and author of our very first story, Calvin, and his mom, Eve!

1/23/2021 – Identical Twins, by Sara Leah, 8!

This month’s short story is about two identical twin girls, Sari and Mary, who learn that it’s okay to not be so identical. Performed by D.C actor Katie Ganem, who you can check out here.

Listen to Identical Twins here!

1/9/2021 – Bonus episode all about identical twins!

In two weeks we’ll have a story called Identical Twins, by Sara Leah, 8 years old. So THIS week, we played trivia and word games all about identical twins! We were joined by special guests, Yudi (8 year old author of Zombie Apocalypse, which comes out in May), and his Mom.

Learn some fun facts about identical twins – Listen here!


Best Friends, by Nechama, 9 years old, is a short story about two girls, and a Golden Retriever who changes their lives forever. Listen here!

12/14/2020 – Five Under Five!

We have received some stories from children under the age of five.  It is wonderful to see such young children use their imagination and express themselves through writing. We didn’t realize until now that there are so many very young writers.  For this reason, we have decided to create a special episode where we will feature five of these truly amazing stories. We’re calling it Five Under Five. If your child is under the age of five and wrote a shorter story, song or poem, submit here. If your child made up the story, and you wrote it down, that counts! Send it in!

12/7/2020 – Accepting Submissions from kids under 5!

Welp! We’ve been getting submissions from parents with kids under five. They’re amazing and we are working on a special episode with only their writing. These shorter short stories will be under 2 minutes, and read by your hosts, Alec and Elora. To submit a shorter short story from a child under 5, click here!

12/4/2020 – We need your support

We can only share these amazing kids’ writing with your help. Here are some ways to help!

-Share our podcast.

-Give our pod a good review.

-Subscribe to the pod.

-Support the pod.

If you do one or more of these, and tell us about it, we’ll thank you on the Pod! We’ll even tell a joke just for you. That’s right. Our expert team of dads will write a joke for you – when they get a minute because they’ve been so busy with the lawn and the guy who was supposed to get rid of the leaves but only raked them and left them in piles, and everything, you know – And we’ll put it on the pod!

11/29/2020 – Robbed of a Good Time

This month’s story on Written By Kids, Robbed of a Good Time, by Malka, 11 years old. A group of girls become heroes when they spy a crime taking place. Our interview guest is the wonderful actor performing the story, Lucy Van Atta!  So be sure to listen to hear a story about Girl Power! And remember, your child’s writing can be on our podcast. Just click here to submit a short story, poem, song, or anything else!

11/2/2020 – Thanksgiving was weird

Our Thanksgiving was very weird this year. Everyone’s was, even if it wasn’t, because it definitely was. What made yours weird? Sure it was virtual, or distanced – but were there aliens? Did the pie try to make an escape? Write your weird Thanksgiving story and send it to us here!

11/25/2020 – Native Land Map

Native Land has published this absolutely amazing map ( | Our home on native land ( to help us recognize which Indigenous territory we live on. Just search for your address in the box on the left, and learn about your land’s history! MoonHouse learned our business is based on Piscataway (also known as Conoy, or Piscataway Conoy) land. You can learn more about the Piscataway Conoy tribe here: Welcome to the Piscataway Conoy Tribe Website.

11/25/2020 – Thanksgiving

Alec and Elora, your hosts of Written by Kids, wish all their listeners a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Whether you are visiting virtually or in person, we hope everyone finds a safe way to spend time with friends and family. And to eat a lot. Like a LOT. (and then send us a story/poem/song about it for the pod by clicking here!)


Written by Kids is always accepting short stories, poems, and songs!  Send us your child’s original writing. Submission is free, and we will even pay $25 to the author of any piece we produce. Have a professional actor perform your child’s writing with music and sound effects. And their work can truly come to life – they can even be interviewed on our podcast (or not, totally up to you). Then you can share it with all of your friends and family. We can’t wait to read your work!

Aug 23, 2020

Listen to the new Written by Kids intro music, composed and performed by the amazing actor, singer, songwriter, and voice over artist John Noble Barrack:

New intro theme by John Nobel Barrack

June 3, 2020

MoonHouse and Open Space are now accepting children’s writing submissions (ages 5-15). Send in your children’s songs, poems, and stories. If we choose your writing for the pod, we’ll pay $25!

Feb 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16. 2020

Our partner, Open Space Arts, presents As You Like It by William Shakespeare, at the St. Charles Borromeo Parish Center. Purchase tickets here!

Dec 2, 2019

Open Space Arts Partnership!

MoonHouse is proud to partner with Open Space Arts, a community theatre dedicated to fostering a safe space where families can come together and create amazing art. Open Space Arts produces original and high-quality art that functions both to build self-esteem for the participants and be genuinely thought-provoking for the audience.  They provide free or low-cost programming, so that art remains as it should be, for everyone.

Learn about upcoming shows and events, or sign up for classes and auditions at 

June 22, 2019

Calvin’s Premiere party! 

Watch reactions to THE FOREST PRISONER:

Watch trailer:

About the writer: Calvin is nine years old, and lives with his mom in Baltimore, MD. He broke his arm by pole-vaulting with a piece of bamboo on the concrete, and sticking his hand out to catch him. He wrote “The Forest Prisoner” in aftercare at school.

Moral of The Forest Prisoner: “Sometimes, even the bravest of knights have to go back to their kitchen.