Aug 23, 2020

Listen to the new Written by Kids intro music, composed and performed by the amazing actor, singer, songwriter, and voice over artist John Noble Barrack:

New intro theme by John Nobel Barrack

June 3, 2020

MoonHouse and Open Space are now accepting children’s writing submissions (ages 5-15). Send in your children’s songs, poems, and stories. If we choose your writing for the pod, we’ll pay $25!

Feb 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16. 2020

Our partner, Open Space Arts, presents As You Like It by William Shakespeare, at the St. Charles Borromeo Parish Center. Purchase tickets here!

Dec 2, 2019

Open Space Arts Partnership!

MoonHouse is proud to partner with Open Space Arts, a community theatre dedicated to fostering a safe space where families can come together and create amazing art. Open Space Arts produces original and high-quality art that functions both to build self-esteem for the participants and be genuinely thought-provoking for the audience.  They provide free or low-cost programming, so that art remains as it should be, for everyone.

Learn about upcoming shows and events, or sign up for classes and auditions at 

June 22, 2019

Calvin’s Premiere party! 

Watch reactions to THE FOREST PRISONER:

Watch trailer:

About the writer: Calvin is nine years old, and lives with his mom in Baltimore, MD. He broke his arm by pole-vaulting with a piece of bamboo on the concrete, and sticking his hand out to catch him. He wrote “The Forest Prisoner” in aftercare at school.

Moral of The Forest Prisoner: “Sometimes, even the bravest of knights have to go back to their kitchen.

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