About MoonHouse

MoonHouse and our partner Open Space Arts are creating a new podcast, Written by Kids, where kids ages 5-15 write short songs, stories, or poems, to be performed by professional actors and singers. Begin your submission process by clicking here! (There are no fees for submission, and no fees if your piece is chosen for the pod. Our goal is only to share your work.)

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What do we do? Why do we do it?


We produce a podcast called, “Written by Kids,” and are currently accepting submissions for one to three minute pieces by kids. They could be a poem, a song, a monologue, etc. To submit, click here!

MoonHouse believes kids’ voices deserve to be held up and celebrated as much as any grown-up’s voice. Their creativity, culture, and sense of self are inherent in their art. We are honored to uplift them.


We produce short films written by children ages 6-13. We invite the writers and their families to be involved in production from beginning design to finishing the last edits. They come onto the set to meet the actors, learn about film technology, and give us artistic notes. We keep the writers and their families informed of all progress at every stage of production, sending early versions of the films before final editing is complete.

Lastly, the writers walk down the red carpet at their very own MoonHouse pizza premier party. Their friends and family eat, drink, play lawn games, win prizes, and watch the film! Premier parties take place outdoors at Open Space Arts, our partner and non-profit community theatre in Reisterstown, MD. To submit a story, click here!

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